Best Trading Academies

Best Trading Academies

RM Academy is a fantastic new trading academy, based in the United States. With an ever-growing community of 200,000+ traders, RM Academy offers a diverse plethora of trading courses. This includes Forex trading, Cryptocurrency Trading, Binary Options Trading, and more coming in the near future.

RM Academy features many live and pre-recorded trading sessions – this enables you to learn at your own pace to get hold of the basics, and also join in with experts in the trading field with their live classes. RM Academy only features courses taught by professionals in the industry, so you can rest assured you are being led by the very best.

Our Review

Our first impressions of RM Academy start from their website. Their clean, easy-to-follow homepage is a pleasure to use and provides you with all the necessary information you may need to get started. Their pricing is clear and transparent on the homepage – no nasty surprises, and a live chat option is a huge bonus if you wish to ask any questions prior to registering.


Registering at RM academy was a stress-free experience. Within under a minute, we were able to create our account. RM Academy requires a ‘referral ID’ from someone who has referred you. The Crypto Binary Watchdog referral ID is 100038.

From this point on, it’s simply a case of entering your details, such as your name, email, and creating a secure password. Then, that’s it! You’re in!


The dashboard is similar to the homepage (and albeit the whole website!) and follows the same clean and easy-to-use theme. The dashboard provides everything you need in one place – the ‘Live Sessions Schedule’, where you can join live classes led by trading experts, your ‘Learning Progress’, which indicates how much of the course(s) you have completed so far. Further down the page, you will find your active subscriptions – here you can manage which courses you are entitled to, and change your preferences as you wish.

One nice touch we noticed is the inspirational quotes at the bottom of the page, an excellent touch for an extra boost of motivation to reach financial freedom.

Trading Courses

Well, it wouldn’t be a very good review of RM Academy if we didn’t cover the quality of the courses and content, would it? But it goes without saying, RM Academy provides excellent course content. For the purposes of this review, we purchased the ‘All-in-One Package’ – that way we were able to get the best understanding and experience of this trading academy platform. Let’s just clarify now, RM Academy does not disappoint.

The quality of the videos, particularly those tailored for beginners, is second to none. They are extremely easy to follow, and each subtopic is broken down into easy-to-understand categories. The financial ‘jargon’ is explained well, allowing you to get to grips with new financial terms and vocabulary.

We had the absolute pleasure of speaking to one of the content creators for RM Academy, Daniel, after watching one of his live seminars on Forex trading. We didn’t mention anything about the fact we were reviewing the platform, as we wanted to get a genuine experience as if we were a regular member. Daniel was a delight to speak to – he trades professionally from his home in the British Virgin Islands, and runs live seminars on occasional evenings. He made the learning process fun, enjoyable, and a delight to be a part of. What’s more, is that you are able to copy the trades of the course leader by seeing their trading account LIVE during the class!

Referral System

For some people, the ability to learn different methods of financial trading, copy the experts, and put their newly learnt skills to practice is enough. However, it is definitely worth mentioning RM Academy’s highly generous referral scheme.

When you become a member of RM Academy, regardless if you are enrolled in a paid package or not, you have the ability to refer clients and earn a stable, generous income. This is called a ‘revenue share’ system. To put it simply, it works by you referring a client to RM Academy, they enrol in a course, the company and course leaders get paid, and you get a commission for bringing a member. Simple!

RM Academy offers one of the most highly generous commission rates in the market. What’s more – they pay you weekly. No need to wait weeks on end for your commissions to become available. You can either withdraw them to your account or use them to purchase RM Academy’s trading courses. The choice is yours!

Our Verdict

Verified Genuine Platform

RM Academy

We have been blown away by the professionalism behind RM Academy and the amazing quality of content to offer. The support is there every step of the way to help you, and the referral system is a fantastic way to earn additional income. We’ll continue to enjoy RM Academy here at Crypto Binary Watchdog.